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Flood Insurance Policy Tampa Florida

Why You Must Have Flood Insurance in Florida

For most of the year, Florida is a tropical paradise with sunny days and clear, blue skies. But during the summer, the wind and rain pick up, and hurricanes and tropical storms blow across the state. In an instant, the tropical paradise can turn into a nightmare as storms roll in and waters rise.

This awful situation is even worse if you don’t have flood insurance.

If you don’t have flood insurance, your home may not be protected from the costs associated with water and storm damage. You may think you don’t need flood insurance in Florida, but here are a few reasons why you probably do.

Even Homes Outside of Flood Zones Are at Risk

Many homeowners think they don’t need to buy flood insurance in Florida if they live away from water and outside of the flood zone. However, that doesn’t necessarily make your safe.

Nationally, more than 20% of flood insurance claims come from homeowners who live outside of a high-risk flood zone. This number is even higher in Florida, where the flat landscape makes it easy for water to spread and hurricanes can dump inches of water across the state.

Just because you don’t live on the water doesn’t mean you’re not at risk during a storm.

Flood Damage Isn’t Always Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

One of the lessons many homeowners learned in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria is that home insurance doesn’t always cover flood damage.

Many people discovered that their coverage didn’t include loss of personal belongings or foundational and structural damage because of a flood. Even homeowners who had hurricane coverage still faced major repair bills because their policies didn’t cover water damage and flooding.

Unless your insurance policy clearly states that it covers flooding and flood damage, you need to take out flood insurance in Florida so you’re prepared if the water starts to rise.

Renters Need Flood Insurance Too

Flood insurance isn’t limited to property owners. Renters can also buy flood insurance to cover their belongings in the event that water destroys their personal possessions during a flood.

While most renters insurance policies will cover water damage from a broken pipe or leaking roof, they do not cover flood damage. Adding flood coverage can protect your items if rising flood waters start to creep in.

The Investment Is Worth the Cost

You might think you’re saving money by opting out of flood insurance if you already have homeowners insurance.

However, the short-term savings aren’t worth the costs that come with flood damage.

A basic policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) costs around $450 per year. This covers up to $25,000 in home damage plus $100,000 in personal property damage. Even if you only need part of the policy, your insurance can save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs during a time when you need to rebuild and put your life back together.

Don’t Wait. Get Flood Insurance in Florida Today.

If you’re a homeowner living without flood insurance in Florida, take steps today to protect your home today. Contact us today to get a free flood insurance quote to estimate what you would need to cover your home.

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